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Schoolie Stripers Are In

  • Knocked out a couple of firsts the other day. Got this guy on the salt for the first time ever and got him on his first schoolie stripers! After Graeme felt the first bite he couldn’t put the rod down! “I can see how this is addicting,” he said after releasing his first catch. After his first trip, he’s eager to get back out and find the larger fish! The weather was not in our favor so we opted to stick to the backwaters of onset harbor, shell point, buttermilk bay and broad cove. Lots of bait in the area. Average water temp has warmed up to around 57 degrees. We’re looking forward to an amazing season with veterans this year on our Northcoast 190. The signs of life have been growing by the day as the weather gets warmer. It’s just getting started! 🇺🇸


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