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RTR's Annual Senior Trip '19!

Last Friday, May 17th, we embarked on a journey like no other! Actually, this was our third time on this journey to be exact but none the less it was one for the books! Arriving to the docks around 6:30, we already had a bunch of guys anxious to jump aboard the boat and get fishing. After loading up we set sail at 7am to find some dinner for the boys.

The fish had another idea. They wanted us to work for it. And the guys did just that, even though the haddock didn't make it easy! After moving spots 3 or 4 times along with a tide change, the skunk was off and fish started coming over the rail! As haddock were being lifted out of the water and onto the boat, the spirits of everyone on board were lifted as well.

"Yahoo! Fish on!"

"Yeehaw, some live action right here!"

Despite the weather being a bit colder and a bit more wet than desirable, everyone toughed it out and stayed with it! All in all it was a great day on the water! Laughs were had, memories were made, and fish were caught! Thank you to all the Vets who came out, thank you to the crew of Capt. John tours and thank you to all of our supporters!!

Check out the full photo album on FB:

Photos by: Brendon Curtis


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