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Helping another non-profit for veterans, because that's what you do!

On Sunday we had the pleasure of helping New England Adventures, a nonprofit for veterans that connects veterans and the wilderness. We sent 2 boats, launched out of Plymouth and had a pretty killer day. Great group of vets onboard, the weather was great too, with low winds and calm seas. Todd and the team from @newenglandadventures01 are super cool guys with similar goals and aligned missions, as ours, to get veterans into the outdoors. The whole fleet did well overall, loading the live wells with mackerel and finding stripers. Mostly schoolies, a few keepers and the rumor of a 50#er caught by the biggest boat in the fleet of the day, @fireescapecharters who shot out to P town. We look forward to collaborating with and helping @newenglandadventures01 again in the future!


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