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Fishing With Like Minded Individuals

Studies show that spending time with like-minded individuals provide both psychological and physical benefits. There is something indescribable that happens when you get multiple veterans together, a bond that is forged in blood, sweat and tears. Each veteran having memories and stories of their service, but somehow everyone one of them relating and reliving them as if their own.

Yesterday we hit the saltwater with our good friend Mark Petitt, Navy Veteran and owner of

Fire Escape Charters. On board were six veterans, all from different backgrounds, but with one thing in mind, hit the water for some much deserved relaxation. While at the dock, our Captain, gave everyone the daily brief of safety precautions and what to expect. Each veteran a little anxious in anticipation of the day. Shortly after, everyone loaded up on the boat and we motored out into the bay in search of fish. During the ride out to the fishing grounds, we all got to know each other, sharing stories, memories and things about ourselves. Before we knew it, we all had something in common and that anxious, anticipation feeling dissolved into the sea air.

The rest of the day was filled with fish, sun and great memories made. Hitting the water with with other veterans is always the perfect medicine. Fortunately, Rifles to Rods has some of the best supporters who make our mission possible!


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