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First annual Rifles to Rods Rally weekend!

This past weekend we took over Foolhardy Hill campground, for our freshwater fly fishing F.I.T. (fishing is therapy) program as well as having our team out for team building, coming together for our first annual RTR rally! We were also joined by some of the Harrison anglers’ guides and Foolhardy staff as well.

We started the weekend off by welcoming our veterans and team to camp with moose roast kabobs and loaded baked potatoes prepared by our hospitality specialist and chef, Mr. Bear! A bunch of us had never eaten moose before and the general review was, WOW that was good, as good and better than steak tips! All 5 pounds of moose roast was quickly eaten after being assembled on bamboo skewers with fresh veggies and cooked over the fire. Potatoes baked on hot coals then loaded with toppings were also enjoyed by all. The evening wound down under the stars and by the fire telling stories and sharing laughs .

Some of the group even went out mousin' (fly fishing at night using a mouse fly) for brown trout and were pretty successful in doing so!

Our group woke up to another delicious meal prepared by Bear which included black bear hash with veggies, eggs and fresh fruit. Bear also setup a build your own sandwich station with snacks to have for lunch on the river.

Our guides met us at camp, we loaded up and convoyed out to the lower Deerfield river. RTR had 3 boats out on the river for a beautiful and sunny day of fly fishing. Although the fish made us work for them, many trout were caught, including a bunch of wild Deerfield rainbows. Even a few of the first time fly fisherman were hookin' up! There were also a few double ups! Not a bad day of fishing and catching.

Waiting for our group at camp, upon returning from our relaxing day on the river, was Jim T. and his wife Rebecca with a ridiculous spread of smoked BBQ! Burnt ends, pulled pork and pork belly, homemade slaw and mac salad, fruit salad, chips and a variety of cookies and brownies for desert. They nailed the details down to American flag plates. THANK YOU JIM AND REBECCA for putting your heart into this meal, and making the drive out to fill the bellies of a well deserved group of veterans and staff members! Pretty sure everyone ate 2-3 times that evening. We can’t thank you both enough! Bravo!! Bear also cooked some cornbread in the Dutch oven over the fire because why not! YUM.

Another evening ended talking about the day on the river, telling stories and sharing many more laughs under the stars and by the fire.

We wrapped up the weekend the next morning with omelets and black bear hash prepared by Bear before packing up and heading our separate ways.

We recognize team building and reinforcing our relations with those that support us and make it possible to run our program is very important. Building camaraderie with our team and veterans is necessary and it goes a long way.

We look forward to growing this event by doing 2 days of fishing next year with another boat or two on the river, having more of our team come out to Foolhardy Hill, more veterans out, and also by inviting more of our partners and sponsors to join us to see the work we are doing and to also further our relationships with the people that support us.


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