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The River

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Recently we have been posting a lot of saltwater fishing stuff, because well.. its New England and the striper migration is in full swing. However, there is another program Rifles to Rods runs throughout the year, and that's our freshwater fishing on the river.

These trips take place on different rivers that run throughout Massachusetts. One of our favorite places is the Deerfield River, where this past month we were able to get some veterans out, fishing on. Gerard and I have formed some great relationships with local guides in the area, where on this day we met up with Brian Gilbert who runs Hilltown Anglers and Cam Chioffi who works with the Harrison Anglers. Through these relationship, we‘re able to get veterans on the water every month.

This months trip started off at Hager's Market off Route 2 in Shelburne, MA, and if you've never been you're missing out. At Hager's we met up with our the veterans, shot the breeze, gave them a quick run down of the day and convoyed over to the river.

Every trip is funny, it starts out the same, you can see that the veterans have so many questions, where are we going? What will the day be like? I suck at fly fishing, will I be good enough? Where the hell are we, I have no cell service? It never fails.

Once were at the river, all those questions and anxieties seem to disappear. The river puts you in a deep calm state, no matter how you're feeling and as the day goes on you can see it on each and every veterans face. All questions are answered as they catch fish, enjoy the scenery and have laughs along the way.

I have to say, the river does something to you. Although our motto is "Fishing is Therapy" maybe it's the river that's the therapy.

If you are a veteran and want to experience a day like this, make sure to sign up here

Rifles to Rods Guides and Veterans
Rifles to Rods Guides and Veterans


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