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A New Partnership: Rifles to Rods & NorthCoast Boats

Taking FISHING IS THERAPY to the next level

(Pictured: RTR Co-founder Ryan Puzzo and NorthCoast owner Cesar DaPonte)


Rifles to Rods all started with an idea. A passion to share the therapy of fishing with our nations veterans. We had no idea where to start but that didn't matter. As Shia Lebouf once said "don't let your dreams be dreams, JUST DO IT!" So two small town friends, veteran Ryan Puzzo and civilian Gerard McAllister started RTR, a certified 501 (c)(3) Massachusetts nonprofit for veterans.

A few months after filing and receiving our nonprofit certification, we went to the boat show with no idea of how we were going to get a boat but we knew we needed to start sizing them up, seeing what was best for us. After bumping into a bunch of naysayers (you know what Big Arnold says about naysayers and if you don't, you should) we met Gregg 'the game changer' Weatherby, a super cool dude, and he told us to check out the Northcoast Boats family... They're gorgeous, a tool to get the job done here in New England.. and everywhere really.. a fishing vessel!

Fast forward 7 months, we receive a call from Gregg and he has a boat for sale. A friend of NorthCoast boats, a US Navy veteran BJ, has to get rid of his boat and it just happened to be the perfect boat for RTR.

The Executive Board of RTR believes in the mission and success of RTR so much, we were willing to put our own personal credit on the line after BJ, NorthCoast and Gregg put an offer in front of us we just could not pass up.

Less than a year later we got our boat. The universe provides when you are patient and sincere. Check out the NorthCoast website for specs on the NC19CC. The beginning of a great partnership with NorthCoast and we're proud to be part of the team!

During our first year of operation we relied heavily on other's and their generosity by donating their time and boats to get veterans out. Now with our own boat and the continued support, RTR will be out at least ONCE A WEEK next season, getting our veterans on the water and 'putting a rod in their hands and a smile on their face'. -g



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